Global Perspektives

"We don’t see things as they are. We see them as we are. "       Anais Nin

Intercultural competence is a buzz word in our globalized world. What exactly is it however that allows us to collaborate with people from different cultures?

Certainly, profound knowledge of other countries, their languages, values and behavior patterns is an essential requirement for successful international relations.

Even more important though is a deep understanding of one’s own cultural roots. Because these roots subconsciously influence the way we think and act. The ultimate intercultural competence can only be reached through a combination of the ability for self-reflection, an understanding of the perspective of the other person, and culture-specific behavioral strategies of the respective country.

My focal point: Your international success!

Crossing Cultures is a provider of high-quality intercultural consulting and training services that broaden intercultural competence in diverse areas:

  • The development of intercultural competencies
  • The internationalization and cultural opening of your organization
  • The preparation, implementation and follow-up of international assignments
  • The utilization of the cultural diversity in multinational teams
  • The realization and quality management of international projects


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