Global Challenges

"The secret of success lies in the ability to get the other person’s point of view." Henry Ford

Whenever people work across borders and time zones they will inevitably face different expectations with regard to leadership styles, team work and working methods.  Frequently this leads to misunderstanding, conflict and unsatisfactory results. This need not to be so! In collaboration of multicultural teams lies immense potential which can be leveraged through effective intercultural communication skills.

Workshops and consulting session include the following key areas customized to your unique needs:



Workshops and Training

  • Intercultural Awareness  & Communication

  • Intercultural Leadership & Team Management

  • Culture-specific seminars for target countries

  • Expatriate Training: Live and work successfully in ...

  • Inpatriation Training: Welcome to Germany


Coaching and Consulting

  • Individual preparation for international assignees and/or their partner/family

  • Intercultural mentoring throughout a foreign assignment

  • Developing cross-cultural leadership skills

  • Post-merger intercultural  change management

  • Effectively lead multicultural teams

  • Individual management coaching

Creating a pleasant learning environment to discover the impact of culture on work and life is essential for my work. All workshops and coaching sessions are highly interactive and participant-focused to develop the core competencies required for cross-cultural success.

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