Global Players

"We cannot teach people anything; we can only help them discover it within themselves. " Galileo Galilei

Crossing Cultures has worked to increase the intercultural performance of multinational corporations in many different locations.

Our current and past clients include:

Adidas tl_files/crossingcultures/layout/liste.png Agilent Technologies tl_files/crossingcultures/layout/liste.png Amazon tl_files/crossingcultures/layout/liste.png Areva tl_files/crossingcultures/layout/liste.png arenalingua tl_files/crossingcultures/layout/liste.png BASF tl_files/crossingcultures/layout/liste.png Boeing tl_files/crossingcultures/layout/liste.png Bosch tl_files/crossingcultures/layout/liste.png change.project tl_files/crossingcultures/layout/liste.png Cisco Systems tl_files/crossingcultures/layout/liste.png Chep tl_files/crossingcultures/layout/liste.png Deutsche Messe tl_files/crossingcultures/layout/liste.png Dow Corning tl_files/crossingcultures/layout/liste.png Dupont tl_files/crossingcultures/layout/liste.png Eaton tl_files/crossingcultures/layout/liste.png Evonik tl_files/crossingcultures/layout/liste.png General Electric tl_files/crossingcultures/layout/liste.png Johnson & Johnson tl_files/crossingcultures/layout/liste.png Kautex Textron tl_files/crossingcultures/layout/liste.png Kraft Foods tl_files/crossingcultures/layout/liste.png Lapp Kabel tl_files/crossingcultures/layout/liste.png MAN tl_files/crossingcultures/layout/liste.png Microsoft tl_files/crossingcultures/layout/liste.png Momentive tl_files/crossingcultures/layout/liste.png Numonyx tl_files/crossingcultures/layout/liste.png Newell Rubbermaid tl_files/crossingcultures/layout/liste.png SAP tl_files/crossingcultures/layout/liste.png Schaeffler tl_files/crossingcultures/layout/liste.png ti communication tl_files/crossingcultures/layout/liste.png Procter & Gamble tl_files/crossingcultures/layout/liste.png UBS tl_files/crossingcultures/layout/liste.png Westinghouse tl_files/crossingcultures/layout/liste.png ZF Friedrichshafen


tl_files/crossingcultures/inhalt/zitat1.png The most well-prepared teacher I have ever met. Extremely kind, professional and sensible. Emilia Hedvall (Sweden), Field Service Engineer, Westinghouse

tl_files/crossingcultures/inhalt/zitat1.png It was a pleasure to work with Marina. She was very well prepared and helped me to explore different aspects of my future stay in India in an effective and personal way. Paloma Mignini (Italy), Financial Analyst, Agilent Technologies

tl_files/crossingcultures/inhalt/zitat1.png Marina is a very experienced leader. Organized, full of knowledge, always listening to customers needs. The session with her was great and very helpful in many fields. I would do it again if it happens. Nicholas Ng (China) , Planning Analyst, Amazon

tl_files/crossingcultures/inhalt/zitat1.png Marina has an excellent command of the subject matter and did a great job keeping me engaged. Also, I really appreciate that she made sure I understood the topics before moving on to the next. Bryan Chase (USA) , Demand Planning Manager, Cisco Systems

tl_files/crossingcultures/inhalt/zitat1.png Knowledgeable, prepared, structured, friendly, professional, respectful. Yuliyan Milev (Bulgaria), Finance Manager, Kraft Foods Europe

tl_files/crossingcultures/inhalt/zitat1.png Marina well-tailored the program segments to our personal needs. She has deep personal experience and effectively brings her knowledge across. Janis Bauer (Germany), Associate Director, Procter and Gamble

tl_files/crossingcultures/inhalt/zitat1.png Marina has been very helpful to better understand the differences between German and Japanese people and in advising me on how to effectively interact with Germans. Katsu Nakayama (Japan), Global Supply Chain Planner, Dow Corning

tl_files/crossingcultures/inhalt/zitat1.png Marina was very good at listening to our needs and targeting content to address. Good communicator and kept communication fresh and comfortable. Howard Cheng (China), Global Account Manager, Numonyx

tl_files/crossingcultures/inhalt/zitat1.png Marina did a terrific job of being enjoying, informative and very helpful in presenting useful cultural information Elizabeth Hansen (US American) , spouse, Eaton

tl_files/crossingcultures/inhalt/zitat1.png Marina is a concise and engaging facilitator on intercultural topics. Easy to talk to. Gianluca Natoli (Italy), Controller, Kraft Foods Europe

tl_files/crossingcultures/inhalt/zitat1.png A true professional, knows a lot about cultures and moderates the training very well. Robert Fahy (Panama), Director Security, Kraft Foods Europe

tl_files/crossingcultures/inhalt/zitat1.png Excellent knowledge of material and key messages delivered clearly and in an interesting way. Very good. Nigel Branch (UK), Vice President, Chep Germany

tl_files/crossingcultures/inhalt/zitat1.png I would like to confirm that Marina has excellent skills when delivering training programs to our international customers. Muna Alyusuf, Training Manager, Cartus Global Performance Solutions.